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3D Printing

Desktop 3D printers are perfect for quickly prototyping mechanical concepts, aesthetic models even high resolution compression moulds.
We have 2x Formlabs Form2, 1x Ultimaker2+ Extended

CNC Milling

Whether your machining aluminium parts or batch producing your prototypes, the CNCs have a huge breadth of applications.
We have 2x Roland MDX540s, 1x MDX40 and some smaller PCB only Machines.


Whether you're creating moulds or product packaging, our large bed vacuum former can create high-quality results in a range of sheet plastics.
The Vac Former has a bed size of 450 x 700mm.

Laser Cutting

The A0 laser cutter has a huge variety of applications, from proof of concept fixtures to aluminum etching.
We use the 80W Silvertail from JustAddSharks.

Vinyl Cutting

Graphic design, packaging decals, promo stickers, the vinyl cutter is perfect for quickly creating large scale artwork too.
We use the 700mm Roland GS24.


Compression moulding is a great way of replicating injection moulded parts, either for aesthetic models or for the finished products. We use a range of shore hardnesses and materials.