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MEET BRITAIN’S 21st CENTURY INVENTORS at the CRL Accelerator Demo Day

November 26, 2019



From the light bulb to the television, the lawnmower to the CAT scanner, British based inventors shaped the 19th and 20th centuries. Whatever happened to those boffins in lab coats based in sheds around the UK? What has happened to our spirit of invention?

We’re happy to report that it’s alive and well and today’s inventors are breaking the stereotype. Female as well as male, international and worldly, they understand customers and they understand business. Britain is now home to leading, innovative small businesses and it attracts investors, makers and entrepreneurs from around the world who see it as a base from which to explore limitless opportunity in global markets.

On 26 November at 5.30pm, we invite you to discover five of the most exciting young inventors working in the UK today. Join us and be part of their exciting journey.