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CRL’s Demo Day for Cohort 5 – come and see our start-ups #MakeHistory!

March 14, 2019

19.00 - 22.00

7A Howick Place,

We can’t believe it’s coming up to that time again! – CRL’s renowned Demo Day will be taking place at U+I’s office on Thursday 14 March from 19.00 – 22.00.

This event will see the latest cohort of entrepreneurs on our Accelerator programme give their now perfected 5 minute pitches on their products, as well as make a call for the additional support they might need (whether that’s investment, companies to partner with, PR support, the list goes on!)

These start-ups are working on a highly diverse range of products, from mindfulness aids to shoes with adaptable heels, a toy that also eases the irritation of eczema to a wearable device that monitors your vitamin D intake.

We know that the hardware community in London is a hotbed of creativity and innovation, so we’re so pleased to have had a group of start-ups on our programme that represent this.


Industry-leading keynote speakers set to include:


Arnold du Toit – Founder CEO, Brand Ambassador, Investor, CRL’s Investor in Residence


Arnold was the founder and CEO for Drive Daddy and RolleyGolf LTD. He has spent over a decade developing smarter technologies in personal transport for future landscapes, most recently exploited by the World’s first Hop-on golf trolley.

Having lead design and opps teams during his time at RolleyGolf, he is now applying his personal IP to many other sectors. He acts as brand ambassador, advisor and investor in several start-ups, Ed Tech businesses and Hardware Accelerators in the UK.

CRL is incredibly pleased to have recently welcomed Arnold on as our Investor in Residence. 


Robert Nicoll, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Chip[s] Board


Chip[s] Board is a start-up that creates bio material using 100% potato waste, as the Co-Founder of the company Rob has been involved with all aspects of the business from the financial and legal side to production and development. 

The company were part of our Accelerator programme last year, and since then we’ve watched them go from strength to strength, obtaining substantial investment and partnering with a range of FMCG corporations.


The following start-ups will be presenting, to find out more about them click through to their respective websites.


Una by Stealthy

Vitamin D deficiency is a global silent epidemic, the associated health problems include osteoporosis, depression, child birth defects, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Stealthy is the brainchild of Nadiya Siddique. Una by Stealthy is the first modular UV sensor enabled jewellery collection designed to tackle Vitamin D deficiency in women. “Una” is the first collection developed under the Stealthy brand, and is designed with inclusivity, modularity and sustainability in mind. Their goal is to unite women in the quest for better health and wellbeing. The “Una” coupled with the Stealthy Woman lifestyle app is designed to raise awareness of Vitamin D deficiency and facilitate healthy conscious behaviours.

Instagram: @stealthywoman


The Moment Pebble

A pocket-sized must-have for busy people who want to experience the benefits of meditation or mindfulness. The Moment Pebble provides a focal point to help you appreciate the moment and bring mindful attention to your life.

Taking a moment for yourself a few times a day can reduce stress, increase energy and boost the immune system. Unlike many mindfulness practices, the Moment Pebble has been carefully designed with today’s modern lifestyles in mind – offering an accessible entry point to mindfulness and meditation.


Brahman Design

Brahman Design are made up of three designers who design beautiful stationery products which last your lifetime. With their already successful product Høvel, a new take on the pencil sharpener, they are hoping to grow their business. Høvel was designed whilst at university as a side project and then initially funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Currently, Brahman Design are expanding sales of Høvel, as well as designing innovative analogue stationery products which will be cherished for generations to come.

Instagram: @brahmandesign /



Many working women wear high heels at work and a third of women wear trainers on their commute and change into heels at their desk. This requires women to carry an extra pair of shoes with them every day to and from work.

Y-Heels is an adaptable, multipurpose shoe that allows women to interchange the heel height and style to provide comfort and suit individuals unique styles.

Y-Heel when you can also flat?



Cosi is a business dedicated to designing for children with Eczema in mind. 1 in 5 children have Eczema, and suffer the main frustrating symptom of itching. Cosi is a concept that aims to offer a fun and engaging alternative to Eczema symptom management. Offering a tool for parents and children to use to soothe the itching sensation and ultimately avoid being trapped within the frustrating itch-scratch cycle. Instant symptom relief at hand in any situation, disguised as a fun toy to reduce stigma and embarrassment.

Instagram: @eczematoys /


Nx Steps

We are recommended to take 10,000 steps per day, in those ten thousand steps lies a wealth of information about who we are? how our body works? and when it works best? At Nxsteps they want to bring that information to your fingertips. Through foot data, they want to create a health and wellbeing ecosystem helping you walk, run and perform better than ever before. / / Twitter: @nxsteps_uk


Agile Planet

Agile planet was founded to help solve some of the biggest challenges we are facing as a species. Their founder Connor Lascelles discovered the world of Biochar during his final year product design degree and it has led to the creation of Agile Planet. Biochar is a way of turning waste into a carbon negative soil fertiliser.

Their first product is Ember, a kiln for small scale gardeners to create a smokeless fire, burning their garden waste and producing Biochar. When Biochar is added to soil, it increases plant growth by up to 200%.


Fanatic House

Dorota Grabkowska is a product and graphic designer, mountain biker and the director of Fanatic House Ltd. She is developing a range of new sports body protectors, that will offer excellent fit, comfort and unrestricted movement, while providing high safety standards for impact protection.

She is currently working on a mountain bike protector vest featuring lightweight, flexible design and high impact absorption technology. Her long term goal is to create a leading body armour brand designed for riders, by riders.

Dorota’s idea has been so far backed by KTN and Innovate UK through the Infocus Women in Innovation Award in 2016. / / LinkedIn:


Drinks and canapés served. Instagram photo frame onsite!


The CRL Accelerator programme is currently open for applications; please express an interest in the programme at any time before the close date (16 March):

Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the programme supports the next generation of product-focused entrepreneurs by helping them to develop crucial areas of their business to help ‘accelerate’ growth and take products to market. If you have any questions relating to the programme, please contact or

If you have any questions on the event, please email