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Learning Through Making, Doing & Playing

Do It Kits are a simple, engaging way to teach with new technologies in your Science, Geography, Computing, Design & Technology and STEAM classroom.

Founded by Helen Steer, an educator, maker, and award-winning writer. Do it kits are an educational play kit, for teachers to educate through the power of making and playing.

Helen has worked in education for a decade and specialises in getting new technologies into the classroom in a fun, easy way. Helen was previously a director of the innovative education platform, Explorer HD, with whom she published six books for children and educators.

DoItKits are designed for music and science class pupils who tend to learn better through practical session as opposed to traditional theoretical practices.

Helen has recently visited Shenzhen, China through the CRL programme. Not only has she collaborated with key manufacturing partners, but she has also spoken with hundreds of teachers, translated key policy documents and visited a wide range of educational facilities.

She is currently working with a number of prominent Chinese Educators on a keynote report based on learning from the six weeks spent in schools, maker spaces, factories, after school clubs and with families, to be published in Mandarin and English.

Through the CRL programme Helen has managed to define her customer, develop her knowledge in the product development and established her key routes market. Her team has also grown to 5 members.

Do it kits are already selling to schools across the UK, and China, as well as making rapid progress in a growing market.

Head over to for more information, or to purchase one of her kits.

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