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Providing Access to Low Cost Energy Storage

Aceleron is an emerging cleantech startup in the realms of battery processing and technology development. Their vision is to provide affordable energy storage by transforming end of life lithium batteries, such as those found in electric vehicles, into safe cost effective energy storage for developing regions.

“The growing popularity of electric cars has produced an abundance of used lithium ion batteries, resulting in a huge waste management problem. Cofounders Chandan and Cummins started Aceleron to transform these end-of-life batteries into low-cost, efficient energy storage for developing regions, solving two problems at once.”

– Forbes Under 30 Class of 2017

Aceleron’s vision is as big as it gets, using circular economy to provide cheap, accessible energy storage for consumers around the world. Usually, with some big ambitions, it’s difficult to know where to start. Prior to coming to CRL, the team was already gaining some great traction for support organisations around the world, featuring in Forbes Under 30 class of 2017 and becoming finalists in the low-carbon entrepreneur of the year competitions.

At CRL, we worked together on improving the efficiencies of Aceleron’s process, allowing us to understand its economics and effectively calculate the price of each lithium ion cell, after disassembly.

The next step was to understand the market for used cells, using a market segmentation analysis we eventually boiled down the list of applications to three products, one of which was the power bank.

Aceleron are now setting up the supply chain to manufacture product, through CRL they’ve been able to consult with crowdfunding mentors, visit battery factories in Shenzhen, and discuss the proper licensing and regulatory environment for selling such a product (which can be pretty tricky!). They’re progressing with development and plan on launching the world’s first consumer power bank, made from reclaimed cells.

If successful, it will stand for a giant step in changing the way we treat our electrical waste and allow people to understand the positive impact they’re making on the by choosing green energy.

To find out more, and to show support, sign up to Aceleron’s mailing list here.

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