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We love when interesting and innovative startups join CRL and enrich our community as a result, so we were especially pleased when ChargedUp decided to signup as hot deskers a few months ago.

ChargedUp – made up of cofounders Hugo Tilmouth and Hakeem Buge – have had an exciting few years. Having both recently graduated from Exeter University with a Masters in Engineering Renewable Energy, they’ve taken their product idea developed on the course – a network of vending machines that allow users to borrow portable battery packs – and are now, with backing from O2 Think Big’s initiative, just about to launch it to market.

Sustainability is at the heart of ChargedUp – read more on this below – for this reason the battery packs are 100% powered by Green Energy and recycled at the end of their life.

Read more about ChargedUp here and follow them on twitter – @ChargedUpWorld.


Could you tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey so far?

The entrepreneurial journey as founders of ChargedUp has been an amazing one. With any business there have been ups and downs but we have achieved a lot in a very short period of time. ChargedUp started as a university project that has now grown to a fully fledged business venture, with amazing partners, endorsers and a growing team. Our product is close to launch and we couldn’t be happier.



What project/product are you working on at the moment?

ChargedUp is the ‘Boris bike’ of mobile charging. We are developing a global network of vending machines where users can borrow portable battery banks, use them for as long as they require, then return them at a station for just a small fee. The vending machines that charge and store the battery packs will be powered by green energy.

The stations will be accessible at a variety of locations such as train stations, sports stadiums, museums, airports, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc. The benefit for the users are straightforward, they’ll never run out of charge when out and about. From the venues perspective, ChargedUp increases the footfall and they can potentially benefit from a profit share scheme generated by the vending machine at their venue.



What’s your advice to prospective entrepreneurs considering launching a business/product?

Starting a business is not easy but can be very fulfilling if you have the right product and the right team around you. So the best advice anyone can give to a prospective entrepreneur is to spend time making sure that their is a market for your product and to build the right team.



What do you value most about the CRL community?

The sense of community at the CRL is unbelievable, everyone is willing to help you develop your idea and make your business/product better. The tools available at the CRL are world class and there is always someone available and ready to teach you how best to use them to make your product better.



Describe CRL in 3 words?

Inclusive – Innovative – Educational